CredSpark Client Example

How can you drive new ad revenue streams while generating highly qualified leads for sponsors?

Let’s explore how Adweek did it.

Adweek + CredSpark

Adweek leveraged CredSpark’s interactive content tools to develop an innovative lead generation program for a sponsor who wanted to drive interest in connected TV. Using an intriguing “Myth vs. Realty” concept, the interaction was an experience that captured audience attention, engaged them, and surfaced key insights on their knowledge, interests, and purchase intent for the sponsor’s sales team. Let’s take a look:

Connected TV: Myth vs. Reality?

The Impact

  • Engaged the audience around a hot technology topic
  • Generated new leads while gathering crucial audience intelligence and qualifying data to better inform the sponsor’s sales efforts
  • Developed a custom, premium ad sponsorship vehicle for Adweek.



The number of people who completed the interaction and provided contact info


Time on Site

The median amount of time people spent with the interaction


Lead Capture Rate

More than half of viewers provided contact information


Click-Through Rate

The percentage of interaction participants who sought additional info on the sponsor website

Client Spotlight

Adweek is the leading media platform serving the brand marketing ecosystem. Its award-winning coverage reaches industry professionals across print, digital, events, podcasts, newsletters, and more.

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