CredSpark Client Example

How do you take the pulse of your professional audience on a key and topical social issue?

Let’s explore how Prime does it.

Prime + CredSpark

Prime leveraged CredSpark’s confidence-based scoring features to help medical professionals understand not just what they know, but reflect on their confidence levels as part of their learning journey. Confidence-Based Scoring is a powerful feature that can be used to weight scores or provided as an added element of feedback for learners. Let’s take a look:

Assessing COVID-19 Disease Severity

The Impact

  • Assessed healthcare workers’ knowledge and confidence about assessing COVID-19 severity levels.
  • Collected unique insights and learning data on healthcare workers’ confidence in dealing with a fast-moving health crisis.
  • Added a game-like element of competition to drive engagement.


Opt-In Rate

More than half of participants registered to receive email follow ups


Activation Rate

29% of participants clicked through to learn more

Client Spotlight

Prime is a leader in advancing the science of learning and behavior change across the spectrum of healthcare fields and professionals.

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