CredSpark Client Example

How do you take the pulse of your professional audience on a key and topical social issue?

Let’s explore how MedPage Today does it.

Clinician's Brief + CredSpark

Clinician’s Brief used CredSpark to create an 8-question multimedia quiz that challenged their veterinarian audience to select the correct foreign body that a pet ingested by examining x-rays. The quiz was designed to stoke the competitive nature of the audience and create ancillary social conversations around the topic. Take a look…

Foreign Body Ingestion

The Impact

  • Leveraged gaming design to stoke engagement and drive social shares
  • Captured lead information from those interested in seeing how their performance stacked against their peers
  • Showcased Clinician’s Brief content expertise
  • Generated social conversations and organic impressions


Completion Rate

Provided answers to every question asked



Click-through rate to begin the interaction


Time on Page

Median time interacting with the quiz

Client Spotlight

Clinician’s Brief provides relevant diagnostic and treatment information for small animal veterinarians. It’s been ranked the #1 most essential publication by small animal practitioners for the past nine years.

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