CredSpark Client Example

How do you help a sponsor raise awareness of a new product offering?

Let’s explore how JCK did it.

JCK + CredSpark

JCK had a client (BriteCo) who wanted to engage their JCK’s audience of jewelry industry professionals and introduce a new product offering. JCK used CredSpark to assess the audience’s jewelry knowledge in a fun, engaging way while also surfacing their needs and interests on important topics to BriteCo. BriteCo also leveraged a contest to juice participation. Let’s take a look:

Test Your Jewelry Knowledge Contest

The Impact

  • Leveraged an in-experience contest to amplify participation
  • Gauged reader knowledge and interest on industry topics
  • Tapped people’s inherent competitive nature to see how they performed
  • Surfaced important lead qualification data for the client.
  • Introduced a new product in a fun, innovative and interactive way.


Take Rate

Wanted to set up a meeting with BriteCo


Data Points

The audience data points collected during the interaction

Client Spotlight

JCK covers breaking news and consumer-led style trends in the jewelry industry. JCK connects retailers, manufacturers, designers, and other industry influencers who create the jewelry business and drive it forward.

BriteCo is the premier insurer in the jewelry industry.

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