CredSpark Client Example

How do you help busy conference attendees discover 200 sessions and find the right ones for their interests? With a Content Concierge, naturally.

Let’s explore how Money 20/20 did it.

Money 20/20 + CredSpark

Money 20/20 leveraged CredSpark’s personalization features to help event attendees discover conference sessions they may not have found on their own, without having to read through pages of session descriptions. In the process, Money 20/20 learned what is most important and valued by their event attendees, providing valuable insights and intelligence for future event planning. Take a look…

Money 20/20 Concierge

The Impact

  • Created real convenience and value for conference attendees by saving time and surfacing the sessions that mattered most to them
  • Gathered valuable market intelligence on what topics resonated most with attendees
  • Improved on-the-ground engagement with session speakers and moderators


Data Points

Insights into audience interest and needs



Participants clicking learn more or add to calendar buttons

Client Spotlight

Money 20/20 is a leading conference for the financial services community, drawing a who’s who from the worlds of banking, payments, fintech, startups, policy, and more.

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