CredSpark Client Example

What’s the best way to generate consistent ROI from your content investment?

Let’s explore how The Fulcrum did it.

The Fulcrum + CredSpark

The Fulcrum leveraged CredSpark’s interactive quiz engine to challenge and educate their audience with a relevant topic that was interesting to their audience. These interactive content experiences assessed audience knowledge gaps while generating leads and subscriptions. Let's take a look:

What Do You Know About the Electoral College?

The Impact

  • Created a unique engagement experience that generated new subscriptions.
  • Assessed audience knowledge with a current and engaging topic.
  • Gained data on audience knowledge, as well as insights into what content to produce in the future.


Quiz Completion Rate

Over half of participants completed the quiz.


Seconds On Page

An extremely high average time on page.

Client Spotlight

The Fulcrum is a digital news organization focused exclusively on efforts to reverse the dysfunctions plaguing American democracy. It’s nonprofit and nonpartisan and publishes original stories, news they gather from across the country, and an opinion forum, all tightly focused on money in politics, redistricting, voting rights, election access, government ethics, civic engagement, and the imbalance of powers.

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