CredSpark Client Example

How do you bring your event to a new market, engage potential registrants, and capture lead info?

Let’s explore how Equitana did it.

Equitana + CredSpark

Equitana leveraged CredSpark’s audience engagement expertise to introduce their trade show to the USA market, engage horse enthusiasts, and collect lead and important first-party audience data along the way. Let’s take a look:

What Horse Breed Am I?

The Impact

  • Tapped into the energy of an enthusiast market to introduce a new trade show.
  • Engaged potential show attendees with interactive content that tested their knowledge and captured their attention.
  • Bucketed people into like-minded communities using an outcome quiz.
  • Captured 335 opt-ins who wanted additional information on the show.

169 sec

Time Spent

The median time spent with the interaction


Lead Capture Rate

The percentage of completions who opted in for more information


New Leads

The number of participants who opted in for more information.

Client Spotlight

Equitana invites equestrian professionals and enthusiasts of all riding levels, ages, disciplines, and breeds to celebrate the horse through education, entertainment, instruction, and shopping.

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