CredSpark Client Example

How do you generate excitement and improve the registration rate for a professional event?

Let’s explore how Vision Expo did it.

Vision Expo + CredSpark

The Vision Expo team created a short and fun quiz to engage prospective attendees in advance of the show. By capturing important, real-time data and insights, Vision Expo was able to better understand prospective attendee’s interests, different budget needs, and rationale for attending in general. Let’s take a look…

What Type of Attendee Are You?

The Impact

  • Created a short and sweet quiz that gathered highly relevant and actionable data.
  • Gave attendees customized recommendations for sessions, seminars, and more.
  • Generated highly qualified leads relevant for the eyecare industry.


Completion Rate

Over 80% of participants who started this quiz finished


Additional Click Through Rate

Almost 80% of participants clicked for more information

Client Spotlight

Vision Expo is the professional event for ophthalmic professionals, where eyecare,eyewear,education, fashion, and innovation mingle.

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