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What don't you know about your audience?

CredSpark is a powerful interactive content platform that helps you maximize the potential of your audience.

Realize more value from your audience.

People are naturally curious. They like to find out what they know and don’t know. And they’re naturally drawn to interactive ways to assess their knowledge of the world, their professions, trends, and themselves. CredSpark turns that natural curiosity into actionable data by applying the latest thinking and technology in learning to create addictive, interactive content experiences that drive engagement. A CredSpark experience creates a virtuous circle where your audience learns more about your products, services, & content and you learn more about your audience. We help you harness the power of learning to engage your audience and grow your business.

What makes CredSpark unique?

There are plenty of quiz and survey apps out there. CredSpark is different: We're a learning and discovery platform. We create customized experiences, designed to achieve specific business goals and solve specific business problems.


We're not a fan of the generic. Each CredSpark experience is customized to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. CredSpark is built around your specifications, not the other way around.

Quality outcomes

CredSpark was born out of the worlds of education and learning. You'll leverage our expertise to create engagement experiences that deliver the results you want and the insights you need.

Opportunity driven

At CredSpark, we think there's immense power and opportunity in owning, enhancing, and mining your own audience data. All of the data we collect is yours & we'll work with you to ensure that you maximize its potential.

Deepen the value of your audience relationships with CredSpark’s interactive content platform.

Leverage CredSpark's learning tools to increase audience engagement.


  • Enhance your brand through learning activities
  • Increase return on content creation investments
  • Improve the perceived value of your content
Gain deeper insights into your audience's knowledge, behavior, and motivations with CredSpark's assessment tools.


  • Gain deeper insights into audience knowledge
  • Create a powerful product discovery experience
  • Leverage a new market research channel
Leverage CredSpark's education expertise & proven learning methodologies to improve marketing results.


  • Apply the latest thinking in learning to drive better marketing results
  • Tap unmatched expertise to create a compelling & effective content engagement experience
  • Make implementation fast and painless with expert services and support
Attract and hook users through the natural & effective engagement experiences on the CredSpark platform.


  • Attract and hook users by making your content addictive and interactive
  • Improve every major content engagement metric
  • Drive social interactions, increase viral potential, and gain free additional social media exposure
Improve lead generation performance and qualify new leads through seamless and natural customer engagement experiences.

Lead Generation and Qualification

  • Improve lead collection rates
  • Make lead qualification a natural part of the process
  • Create an effective experience that takes leads from inquiry to action
Enhance the value of your audience data by capturing your own proprietary audience data.

Data and Insights

  • Generate market data you can’t get anywhere else
  • Enhance the value of your audience database with additional data points
  • Use enhanced data to better inform business decisions and develop new opportunities

Endless opportunities to grow your business

How do clients leverage CredSpark?

The power of a question.

That's the insight behind CredSpark. This is our story

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