CredSpark is a smarter approach to audience data and engagement.

What opportunities are you missing?
Harness the power of conversation.
CredSpark transforms content into engaging experiences that deliver data, insights, and measurable results.
How CredSpark works:

Most organizations aren’t experiencing a shortage of data. What they lack is a reliable way to generate data, insights, and audience engagement that can actually drive business results. Anyone can ask questions. CredSpark helps you ask the right questions while listening for your audience’s responses at scale.

Use Cases
Transform how you think about…
Turnkey and User Friendly
Intelligent features that enhance business intelligence.

Create compelling content with intuitive tools that drive interaction.

Lead Generation

Make lead capture a natural part of the user experience.


Leverage AI to customize the experience for each audience member.

Data + Analytics

Gain insights with powerful tools that bring audience data to life.

Traffic + Promotion

Integrate interactive content seamlessly into your marketing efforts.

Client Examples
Discover how clients are killing it with CredSpark.
Learn how CredSpark is helping organizations move beyond just transactional data to build the data and insights that take their business to the next level.
ROI-Driven Pricing
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CredSpark Clients
Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It made the cat smarter.
Our clients start with curiosity about their audience. With CredSpark, they’ve built ongoing conversations with individual audience members at scale, driving data, insights, interactions, and transactions.
Engaged Users
Questions asked
Data Points Analyzed
Qualified Leads
Audience Insights
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