Grow your business by building deeper, more authentic connections with your audience.

Innovative organizations are using CredSpark software to transform content into interactive audience experiences that spark engagement, generate zero-party data, and increase revenue.

No Code. Easy-To-Use. Human Support.

Create compelling, interactive content like quizzes, surveys, and recommendations within minutes. Easily integrate calls-to-action, transaction opportunities, and more. Then drive traffic to your interactions and get detailed analyses of actionable, real-time audience data and insights as they pour in.

Be bold.

Be imaginative.

Unleash your inner creator and bring your ideas and strategies to life with a powerful set of features that seamlessly integrates with your systems and are a breeze to put into action.

1. Strategize
Select the interaction type that best suits your engagement and data goals.
2. Create
Build and design your interaction with ease. No code required.
3. Deploy
Simply paste embed code into websites, emails, and more for a seamless user experience.
4. Engage
Drive traffic to your interaction and let the engagement begin.
5. Collect
Collect zero-party data, lead info, and qualification factors while you’re in conversation.
6. Connect
Showcase personalized results, integrate promos, offers, CTAs, and more.
7. Analyze
Surface insights and trends with rich reporting and analytics features. Easily integrate data with your business and marketing systems to better inform and target future outreach.
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Deeper connections
deliver richer results

Our features and services are inspired by proven engagement techniques from the world of learning and education.

When you create with CredSpark, you create opportunities for discovery, imagination, audience data, insights, and action.

Goal-Driven. Data-Driven. ROI-Driven. 


CredSpark is a set of easy-to-use tools, features, and services that you can adapt across a wide range of business objectives, saving time, money, and complex integrations with other tools.

With CredSpark, it’s not about ‘how can I win?’. It’s ‘where do I want to win today?’.


Create compelling interactions that delight audiences, improve engagement metrics, and deepen connections to your brand.

Easily develop interactive content to engage and retain your community, gain insights into your members, and stoke engagement between them. Explore

Take your conferences and events to the next level with live engagement, personalized programs, and more. Explore

Use intuitive features and tools that delight audiences, gather zero-party audience data, and improve engagement metrics. Explore


Use interactions to drive actions. A connected and engaged audience subscribes more, clicks more, provides more data, and buys more.

Create engaging interactions that entice leads and then qualify and nurture them in one seamless experience that actually provides value to the user too. Explore

Provide your sponsors with qualified leads, premium data, and insights into intent, interests, needs, and more. Explore

Create personalized sales journeys, product recommendations, and interactive qualification tools to shorten the time between inquiry and closing. Explore


Develop interactions that assess skills, identify gaps, surface potential, and generate actionable data & insights.

Enhance education & training programs with powerful assessment tools, compelling learning experiences, and useful integrations to extend your capabilities. Explore

Create embedded, progressive market research experiences that deliver engagement and unique insights all year long. Explore

Gain valuable insights and more targeting capabilities with engaging interactions that collect zero-party audience data in a more natural user experience. Then integrate seamlessly with your CDP or other systems. Explore


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Every day, forward-thinking leaders across industries incorporate CredSpark into their marketing, engagement, data, and revenue strategies to engage and connect with their professional audiences. How about you?

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