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Your audience is unique. Why isn't your audience data?

CredSpark transforms content into personalized experiences that generate unique data, deepen relationships, & drive revenue.

Credspark creates opportunity

Turn natural curiosity into actionable data.

CredSpark is an audience engagement platform that applies the latest learning science and technology to develop addictive, interactive content experiences that drive engagement. We create virtuous circles where your audience learns more about your products, services, & content while you learn more about your audience.

Credspark solves problems

Unlimited ways to realize lasting value from your content & marketing efforts.

Unlike others, you don't have to adjust your needs to fit into our platform. We start with your objectives & expectations and help you create a CredSpark experience that exceeds them.

Generate + Qualify Leads

Attract new leads with addictive, interactive content and surface your highest potential customers with assessment experiences that generate deep, qualifying data that you can use in the sales process.

Offer Enhanced Advertising

Provide advertisers with the audience data they crave by turning their content into a data-generating engagement machine. They'll get data they can't get anywhere else. You'll get an advertising solution that supports premium pricing.

Develop Custom Research

Create engaging research experiences that entice participants to provide more & deeper data within a natural, learning-based UX. Leverage quizzes, surveys, polls, & more to deliver actionable insights that can better inform your business.

Hyper-personalize Content

Create interactive content that generates new data. Then leverage CredSpark's AI-enhanced tools to turn that data into personalized content & experiences for each user. It's an affordable way to provide extraordinary value for your audience.

Improve Education & Training

Develop interactive learning & training experiences that deepen engagement for employees, students, & customers. Assess and discover knowledge, gaps, & untapped opportunities with an engaging UX, informed by the latest learning science.

Enhance Audience Data

Gain a multi-dimensional view into your audience with unique data & deep insights. CredSpark not only makes data collection easy, we help you bring that data to life & make it actionable with powerful analytics tools.

Credspark offers unmatched insights

Powerful features & tools to help you uncover hidden insights & connections in your audience data.

Credspark grows with your business

ROI-Driven Pricing Options.




Take engagement and revenue to the next level with enhanced registration, more powerful analytics, and user rewards.

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Do more. Meet the needs of your growing business with enhanced analytics, more users, more starts, more embeds, and more flexibility.

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On quote


Meet and exceed your unique needs and goals with custom development, unique features, and expert content creation.

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How will you benefit from credspark?

Start with a demo.

Tell us more about your business, market, and objectives. We'll create a customized demo to showcase how CredSpark's audience engagement platform can help you exceed your goals.

Credspark success stories

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CredSpark Case Studies
How do you showcase the value of a gigantic conference to an individual attendee?

Learn how Reed Exhibitions used AI-enhanced quizzes to drive event registrations and hyper-personalize the conference experience for individual attendees.

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How on Earth do you qualify a teenager?

Learn how The Princeton Review leveraged quizzes to generate new leads, qualify them, and convert them into paying customers.

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How do you create a custom research tool that serves multiple audiences?

Learn how Business Travel News leveraged CredSpark to help corporate travel managers improve the travel experience for their internal clients.

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How can a professional publication generate more value for its advertisers while improving the pricing power for its advertising offerings?

Learn how Education Week improved its ad offerings and created unmatched value & data for its advertisers.

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How can you measure consumer knowledge of the fast-paced U.S. healthcare market?

Learn how eHealth educated its audience through custom research, and captured data, collected new leads, and drove media interest in the process.

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A trusted partner to top companies around the world.

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