What Can You Learn from Your Audience, and Where Can That Take Your Business?

An Audience Assessment Challenge


What are you dying to know about your audience? With traditional KPIs only stating the hard facts such as view counts, page views, and session time, there’s so much left unsaid for your business insights. It’s a problem that marketers deal with every day. When you find yourself knee deep in the mud of unrefined data, turn to interactive content – a turnkey solution that transforms boring whitepapers into real content audiences can interact with, bringing zero-party data to your data collection efforts

The CredSpark Audience Assessment Challenge

Here’s a challenge for you:  Pick a topic on which you think your audience is most confused.. How do you know they’re confused?  . What’s the best way for you to learn the specific source(s) of their misunderstanding.  

What you learn from it may surprise you. In fact, what you learn from it may completely change the way you view your audience as a whole, as well as how you operate your business.

What Do You Want to Know?

First, it’s important to know what questions you want to ask. What will best resonate with your audience, grab their attention, and encourage them to reach the finish line? It’s hard enough getting viewers to click and engage, but much harder to get the insights you really want. Qualified data revolves around a user experience.

Insightful Zero-Party Data about your Qualified Audience

Believe it or not, there’s a lot you can do with zero-party data, and a lot of benefits as well. Zero party data is data that your audience proactively shares with your brand. It’s not just a more accurate and reliable form of data. It’s meaningful data. Real data that you can trust and make real, informed decisions based on your native audience. When you have zero-party data, you can trust it more than any external source because it’s YOUR data collected by YOUR organization based on YOUR community. 

Identifiable and Addressable Knowledge Gaps within your Community

Asking questions of your audience will lead to the identification of knowledge gaps within your community, and allow you to quickly address them. Maybe you know what your audience knows, but what about areas they don’t? If your brand isn’t providing new knowledge and value to your community’s lives, how are you going to continuously position yourself as an industry leader? By using interactive content, you can let them participate via quizzes and surveys focused around how much your audience really knows and what they care about. People are constantly trying to test their knowledge and prove their worth. Enable that emotion, and see the trends of common knowledge gaps within your participants.

Increased Authority as an Industry Leader and Educator

As previously mentioned, your audience is bound to have areas of expertise that are outside their wheelhouse and their knowledge base. This is where your brand comes in. If you are actively enacting upon identified knowledge gaps and consistently testing your audience’s knowledge, sooner or later both your industry and brand authority will be naturally strengthened from knowing what they know, what they need to know, and positioning your organization as the one to provide valuable guidance to them.

Data-Driven Insights for Evergreen Content Creation

New content ideas are hard to come by and inspiration isn’t always around every corner. It’s important to stick to what you know works best, but you also need to have inspiration for evergreen content creation. We’re not saying you need to reinvent the wheel, but it couldn’t hurt to try something new and engaging. Evergreen content is typically not time sensitive and can be used at any moment, allowing your brand to stock up on different forms of audience assessment to address many different topics to your various audience segments. This is where interactive content comes in handy. Interactive content takes so many forms and is highly customizable to your brand, leading to new inspiration and content ideas from data based on current audience bases and engagement rates.

What’s the Answer? CredSpark.

Now that you’ve given some thought to what you want to learn from your audience, what you want your data to look like, and the value that can be generated from asking these questions, it’s time you start thinking about how to achieve these goals and what the right tool for the job is. We have the tool. That tool is CredSpark’s app. CredSpark is versatile software that features ultimate customizability, various quiz engines with a plethora of features including gamification, manual review, and display logic to name a few. By leveraging CredSpark’s software set, apply what you want to learn in a creative and sticky way, bringing in data that actually matters to your business–which in turn can make you matter a great deal to your audience.


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