Empower Your Sponsored Content with Interactive Experiences

Turn Data into Revenue Through Deeper Audience Engagement


Sponsored content is probably one of your large revenue drivers for your media business. This leaves the golden question: how can we improve our lead capture and qualification rates? In a traditional sense, it’s difficult to do, and risky to make changes to the standard lead capture process. While it may be intimidating to make the leap, interactive content has the statistics and potential to build that bridge.  

The Promise of Interactive Experiences

Interactive Experiences are just coming into their own. New features and advancements like augmented reality, gamification and live engagement are providing new, engaging ways to captivate audiences.

Data-Driven Sponsored Content

Sponsored content offers advertisers a great opportunity to connect with target audiences in a way that is both engaging and provides value for audiences and sponsors alike. Integrated interactive experiences supercharge, engagement rates and vastly improve lead qualification. 

Interactive experiences’ strongest selling points are its engagement, and its data collection capabilities. They work synonymously, since the more engagement you can generate, the more data you collect. Data collection can give you two wins: learn more about your audience, which generates an improved content strategy, and hyper-qualified leads, which makes you ready for sales outreach by sponsors. 

With interactive experiences, you can do both at the same time. 

Engagement is the Enhancement

Sponsored content is designed to seamlessly blend with the surrounding content or user experience. Different from traditional advertising, sponsored interactions are a seamless,  natural extension of the content experience.When you provide your audience with value for their time, they become engaged with your content and your brand, and as a result, provide personal lead qualifying information.

Turn a Pain Point into a Profit Point

Sponsored content can feel like a hassle for a lot of teams. Deal management, negotiations, and of course, the pressure to meet deadlines and deliverable expectations. It doesn’t have to be this way. Sponsored content should be a reliable stream of revenue that not only attracts advertisers, but takes minutes to put together. 

Let us help direct your sponsored content efforts. CredSpark is an all-in-one interactive experience engine, featuring multiple content types and features in gamification, knowledge assessment, and so much more. Sounds Interesting? So do we. Contact us today and let’s start a conversation.


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