Is Your Email Marketing Boring?

Take Your Email Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level with Embedded Interactions


This may sound familiar: You send out an email marketing campaign you spent hours formatting, creating, and strategizing. You hit the ‘send’ button, sit, and wait for the results.

Chances are it’s not the results  you were hoping for. Maybe you got a poor open rate. Maybe you got more unsubscribes than you expected, or maybe only a few clicked through. According to Mailchimp, the average click through rate for email campaigns sits at a whopping 2.91%.  Woohoo…?

It shouldn’t have to be this way.  Methods to increase your click through rate, and generate real, genuine interest in your emails generally tend to fall flat with a low rate of success, or are a pipe dream away. 

The thing about  embedded interactions is that they’re neither of these. Embedded interactions are a surefire way to give your email campaigns the kick they need, and bring a real flair to your marketing efforts. It’s a guaranteed method of engagement that brings your campaigns alive, and a strategy that so many companies are missing out on. 

Turn Your Emails into Engagement Machines

Interactive email takes advantage of HTML embed codes to turn  static email marketing tactics like hyperlinks and CTA buttons into eye-catching and engaging interactions.

Interactive emails don’t just provide improved click-through rates, they also lead to improved open rates and SEO performance. More importantly, they build connections with your audience. Interactive email is the key to giving your content strategy some real personality in order to capture attention. Take a look at the example below:

Improve Click-Through Rates and Engagement

What are you trying to improve? Click through rates? Open rates? Overall engagement? Whatever it is you’re aiming for, interactive emails can help all of these in some way shape or form. 

When your emails are interactive,  the user experience quickly changes from the usual boring email you skim into an interactive experience that actually piques their interest and requires their participation. Most email marketing campaigns tend to blast information (they’re called email blasts for a reason) at their audience, without offering a chance to learn, listen, or care. The whole point of interactive content is to get them to interact

Crazy, right? 

But here’s the thing: your audience is tired of being talked at. They want an opportunity to show off their knowledge, give their thoughts, and share their perspective. Interactive content is an enabler for conversation. If you open up that avenue, you might be surprised to learn what your audience has to tell you.

Reduce Friction in Your Funnel

The conversion process always has many steps. You’re always bound to lose at least a handful of them in the process. While there isn’t a fool-proof method to convert 100% of those who enter the funnel, it’s at least possible to speed up the conversion process. Interactive content embedded within email can simplify the process by allowing users to take action directly within their emails, and flow smoothly from your email interaction to your website (and audience data platform), leading to deeper insights and brand engagement. Qualify your leads and sell your product, but more importantly, leave an impression. Within one hour, most people will have forgotten an average of 50% of the information you presented. Within 24 hours, 70% of that information will have been lost. In a week’s time? Forget about it.Interactive content won’t just help your engagement rates, it’ll make your email marketing memorable. And that’s saying a lot in a day and age where the average person receives 121 emails in a single workday.


How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

I want to stress that email embeds are and should always be so much more than an image or a GIF. Technological advances are happening every single second. Along with these advances, audiences are already becoming more and more suspicious and wary of email. To combat this, it’s crucial that you create genuine relationships with your audience in order to ensure that they can trust your brand and your marketing email campaigns.

Don’t miss the  boat. CredSpark has a wide selection of interactive marketing tools for content creativity, gamification, and yes, of course email embeds. Start including interactive content into your email marketing campaigns and see how one simple change can improve your metrics. Let us know if you’re interested.


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