Sponsored Lead Generation Solutions: An Interactive Perspective

How interactive content can help media companies achieve a higher level of engagement


Generating high-quality leads is a constant challenge for businesses. Traditional lead generation methods usually yield less than optimal results, as audiences are becoming more and more savvy about data privacy and more selective about giving up their contact information. Smart media companies are leaving the usual lead collection methods behind and are exploring the possibilities of interactive content.

Interactive content is a form of digital material that is dynamic and engaging, encouraging more progressive engagement and participation by the audience. These are typically in the form of quizzes, surveys, assessments, calculators, polls, and more. Unlike boring, static content, interactive content is exciting and provides a clear value for participation, inviting users to actively engage with it,  leading to higher levels of user interaction and data capture. And that data is a gold mine for media companies as sponsors/advertisers crave actionable data in addition to the usual contact info.

3 Ways Interactive Content Generates Higher Quality Leads.

Deeper Knowledge Assessment = Better Lead Qualification

What are sponsors paying for? Leads, of course. But when you boil it down, sponsors are looking for actionable information.  There’s a reason why in B2B media, the cost per lead is so high. Media companies have access to professional audiences that are usually very specified and well qualified for sponsor outreach. 

The path to lead qualification is one that seems risky and treacherous, considering the risk of drop-off rates and bounces, but if you create content in a way that is compelling and interesting to your audience, you’ll come out the other side with a member of your audience telling you what they don’t know, what they do, and how relevant they are to sponsor outreach. That kind of information is usually extremely valuable, but more importantly, difficult to come by. 

Progressive Grocer, a CredSpark client, paired content with a sponsored CredSpark interaction that assessed readers’ knowledge of the petcare business, and collected valuable qualification data for the sponsor. With a 44% lead capture rate, Progressive Grocer created a data-rich ad product that sponsors crave, collected unique insights and data, and improved the price power of their advertising by collecting audience data within an ad experience. Feel free to check out the interaction itself here

Content Optimization

Interactive content can help identify the gaps within your own content strategy. What went wrong? Where can you improve? How can you make your own content better and stickier? Just going to your audience and asking them these questions can easily reveal what you’re doing well, and what you aren’t. Your audience wants to be heard and is interested in having a say in the direction your content takes. 

When you take your audience’s advice into consideration, you generate curated content that is more suited towards your community, growing your brand’s value and authority. The better content you put out, the more likely sponsors will be interested in leveraging your audience for their product. You know what that means? That means higher rates for sponsorships and a much clearer value proposition that your ad sales can use. 

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized lead generation greatly increases your chances of converting leads into customers, as they feel more valued and understood by your sponsor, but more importantly your brand. Using the data collected from your interactions, follow up communication efforts become much more personalized and favorable. 

Additionally, personalization not only helps convert leads, but also avoids unnecessary outreach to leads who may not be a good fit. So, yes, interactive content and personalization can help hyper-qualify leads, but it’s just as good as de-qualifying leads. Save your sponsors time and money by sifting out  uninterested or unqualified prospects. 

Time is Money

With CredSpark’s interactive content tools, generating revenue via sponsored lead generation is a simple task that ultimately boils down to your creativity and audience qualifications. Not only will you bolster a current source of revenue, but you’ll learn more about your audience that you’ve never known before. Interested? Let’s talk.


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