Client Spotlight: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

How ASME used interactive content to drive event registrations and gather first-party data


Let’s Be Real

Getting—and maintaining—the attention of your audience is easier said than done. It’s a challenge that membership-based organizations face on a daily basis.

To generate real growth and create momentum for your brand and content, you need to create eye-catching and high-value content. 


Don’t Take Our Word - See it in Action

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a not-for-profit membership organization enabling collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines. ASME used CredSpark’s quiz engine to create a unique and eye-catching interaction that piqued the interest of targeted audience segments. Not only did they drive new registrations for their upcoming event, they gained actionable insights into the interests and concerns of their specific audience.


The Results Speak for Themselves.

72% Completion Rate

71% Lead Capture Rate

ASME’s quiz was a very unique approach to event insights and audience engagement. They led off strong with hot topics within the industry and captured their audience’s attention in a clever and effective way. Once they had their community hooked, they asked about their opinions on upcoming engineering topics and trends, generating insights for their future events and sparking ideas for  relevant exhibitors and speakers. 

By using interactive content and asking questions, not only can you give your audience a relevant experience that can help guide them through the event, but also provide the event organizers with insights and information about what people are most excited about, interested in, or what specific exhibitors, sponsors, or speakers are relevant to them.. Learning about your audience and finding out what they are looking for through your event will provide a better experience overall, on top of being able to plan for future events, curating your exhibitions, speaking topics, and breakout sessions towards what people are actually looking for. 

The Data Don’t Lie..

The data collected from this interaction generated valuable audience intelligence for ASME. Want to see it in action? Check it out here.

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