The Key to Unlocking the Potential of Your Audience for Sponsors

Discover how data-driven insights can help sponsors gain a deeper understanding of their target audiences, leading to better quality leads and more sales for sponsors.


How much do you really know about your audience?

No, really.

Ask yourself this: Can you say with confidence that you know about how much your audience knows?

The answer? Probably not. But who can blame you? Gaining an in-depth understanding of an audience without the right data is like cooking Paella without the fire. You just can’t do it.

It’s not more data; it’s the right data.

The problem with most data is that it’s simply not enough for sponsors. Sponsors want the ability to gain real insights that apply to their target audience, so they can build genuine connections, generate transformative insights, and get the most out of what they paid for. But most importantly, to sell. Data-driven insights uncover consumer behaviors, knowledge levels, product preferences, and much more. The days of general demographic data are over – now it’s all about personalized and tailored experiences.

Sponsors want to see what you can pull from your audience, and how they can use it. Gathering data that is not only in-depth, but relevant can be a challenge. But it’s worthwhile once you are able to securely and sustainably learn about the audience at hand. How do you do this? Ask the right questions. Dive deep and discover your audience’s individual preferences, purchase intents, and opinions. Get to know them well-enough to understand – and meet – their needs.

Now who holds the key?

If you have an in-depth understanding of your audience, sponsors will flock toward you in order to benefit from the unique data you have about their prospects. The information you meticulously gathered and analyzed becomes a foundation to create value for both your audience and potential sponsors. Once you have the right data and audience knowledge, sponsors will be encouraged to connect with you to reach their desired audience on a deeper level.

When you get in a regular cadence of collecting unique, first-party data from your audience, you can offer to help sponsors access certain insights that will aid their marketing, product, and sales efforts. Remember, giving your sponsors the competitive advantage only makes your platform look more and more appealing. With the right data-driven insights, sponsorships can transform from a mere branding exercise into a lucrative, ongoing revenue stream. Help yourself by helping your sponsors, and create  relationships with actual meaningful ROI that contributes to both parties. Great payoff, and a win-win situation. 

But what does enhanced data look like, and how can you collect it? 

Help us help you. Want to generate sponsorship revenue with enhanced data and data-driven insights? CredSpark has just the thing for you. Take a look and see how our clients do it. Like what you see? Contact us here and bring new sponsors today


MedPage Today

MedPage Today captured real-time, actionable data which provided useful and highly targeted intelligence of interest to the audience and potential sponsors alike. MedPage Today received over 600 participants, generating high quality data for potential sponsors.

Education Week

Education Week was able to engage readers on the sensitive topic of culturally responsive education, and included an interactive element through CredSpark while simultaneously introducing them to sponsor Concordia University. They saw a large return with 2,800+ Completions and 1,500+ Leads generated.

Progressive Grocer

Progressive Grocer paired a sponsored quiz with a relevant article, generating valuable data for their advertiser with a 47% lead capture rate.

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