CredSpark Client Example

How do you challenge and assess the knowledge of your audience in an innovative way that keeps them fully engaged?

Let’s explore how MedPage Today does it.

MedPage Today + CredSpark

MedPage Today leveraged CredSpark’s Multi-Part Assessment feature to develop a Case Study experience for doctors. Within the interaction, participants read part of the case, answer a question, explore additional media, answer another question, and so on. It was a highly effective and immersive way to provide educational value to doctors using an absorbing tableau that kept them fully engaged throughout. Let’s take a look:

Case Challenge

The Impact

  • Created an innovative, immersive learning experience.
  • Improved engagement with educational content.
  • Gained valuable insights into the knowledge and experience of the audience.
  • Tapped into the competitive spirit and nature of doctors.

Client Spotlight

MedPage Today is a trusted source for clinical news across medical specialties, focusing on the news and information that directly impact the careers and practices of healthcare professionals.

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