CredSpark Client Example

How do you get a super-busy professional audience to spend 3+ minutes of their time on your content and provide you with data and insights?

Let’s explore how MedPage Today does it.

MedPage Today + CredSpark

MedPage Today leveraged CredSpark’s quiz engine to create a weekly news quiz for doctors that drew the audience back to their content week after week. The quizzes also captured valuable data to better inform MedPage Today’s editorial decisions, but also provided important market intelligence for sponsors. Let’s take a look:

Weekly News Quiz

The Impact

  • Created an important draw to bring readers back to the website on a regular basis
  • Improved time-on-site dramatically
  • Developed a regular “input” to collect important zero-party data and market intelligence from this highly sought-after segment
  • Showcased thought leadership and innovation



Quizzes published to date

223 sec

Average Time on Page

The time users spent with the interaction


Average Quiz Completions

The average number of completions per quiz


Quiz Completions

The total number of quizzes completed to date

Client Spotlight

MedPage Today is a trusted source for clinical news across medical specialties, focusing on the news and information that directly impact the careers and practices of healthcare professionals.

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