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We can’t wait to show you all that you can achieve with the CredSpark-Omeda integration. Scroll for some great use cases and ideas.

Omeda + CredSpark

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How can your organization leverage the CredSpark-Omeda integration? The possibilities are endless. Explore use cases and interviews to learn more.

Learn strategic approaches on how to use CredSpark-powered interactive content with Omeda to enrich your audience experience, capture first-party data, and improve your targeting, communications, and more.


Explore how media companies are ingeniously using interactive content and audience data with events to improve registration, drive new revenue, and spark community.


Discover how smart media companies are leveraging CredSpark with Omeda to add qualifying data to their lead gen programs and improve the pricing power of their ad programs.


Learn how innovative media companies are leveraging CredSpark with Omeda to capture proprietary zero-party data.

Gain insights and ideas from media industry innovators using the CredSpark-Omeda integration to advance their business objectives.


Paul Daniel, Director of Audience shares how Fusable leveraged the CredSpark-Omeda integration to fill gaps in their audience data and create richer audience profiles.


Josee Archer, Director of Digital Audience & Marketing shares how Questex leveraged the CredSpark-Omeda integration to generate audience growth and new first-party data.


Roberta Muller, Senior VP of Product Development shares how Northstar leveraged the CredSpark-Omeda integration to ignite audience engagement with games.

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