How can you tap the power of learning and discovery to supercharge your content engagement?
Think of your brand as a teacher, not a broadcaster.

CredSpark delivers effective engagement features and tools grounded in learning science. We transform client content into engagement machines by tapping into peoples’ natural curiosity through immersive learning and discovery experiences. All of that subsequent activity generates invaluable audience data and insights.

Create compelling experiences that delight audiences and deliver insights.
Generate valuable data with two-way engagement.

Broadcasting and publishing are one-way experiences. Credspark helps you turn your content into ongoing conversations with your audience. And like any conversation, important information, data, and value is exchanged—and valuable insights about your audience emerge.

Improve audience outcomes and experiences.

CredSpark helps you turn content into engaging discovery experiences. You'll attract more eyeballs, increase participation, and improve data collection—all while providing audiences with tangible value within a compelling content experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Tap deep expertise in education and learning.

CredSpark emerged from the worlds of education, assessment, and learning. We draw on deep expertise in training, testing, and remediation to engage any audience, in any industry, on any topic.

Use powerful features to engage your audience.

From quizzes and polls to personalized recommendations, learn more about the exceptional engagement features in CredSpark that you can use to smash industry-standard KPIs.

Case Study
Learn how WATT Global Media turned pet food content into an engagement machine that generated an 18% conversion rate and $83,000 in conference revenue.

CredSpark takes the time to become familiar with your audience and understand your goals to help you achieve success. Engagement with our quiz and registration conversions far exceeded all expectations. It was a no-brainer to do another quiz to support this year’s attendee acquisition efforts.

— WATT Global Media

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How can your organization set a new standard for content engagement?