How Are Other Media Companies Developing Their Approach to Lead Generation?

Media Companies are getting ahead of the curve making big waves in their lead generation efforts with Interactive Content. Can you consider your efforts a best practice? Find out here. 

Connected TV: Can You Tell Myth From Reality?

AdWeek + CredSpark

How can you drive new ad revenue streams while generating highly qualified leads for sponsors? With CredSpark’s interactive content tools, Adweek Generated:

95s Time on Site

54% Lead Capture Rate

24% Click-Through Rate

How Well Do You Really Know The Pet Care Business?

Progressive Grocer + CredSpark

How do you grow advertising revenue through audience engagement and data?Using CredSpark’s Interaction, Progressive Grocer generated leads and collected qualification data for sponsors, gaining in a 

47% Lead Capture Rate

Education Week + CredSpark

How do you engage readers on a hot industry topic while qualifying them as leads for a sponsor? Education Week gauged participant knowledge, while introducing them to a sponsor, and gathering: 

2,802 Completions

1,579 Leads

MedPage Today + CredSpark

How can you capture real-time data and insights from your audience? With CredSpark, MedPage Today captured information targeting the interest of their audience and sponsors. The impact was: 

Engaged Audience and Increased Time on Site

Gathered Real-Time audience Intelligence

Gained insights to inform editorial decisions

Travel Weekly + CredSpark

How do you effectively communicate your sponsor’s brand in a fun and engaging way? Travel Weekly developed a series of short quizzes to create fun education engagement for their sponsor, generating:

71% Lead Capture Rate

32,294 Data Points Collected

3,495 People Engaged

SAPInsider + CredSpark

How do you generate valuable data for sponsors in a fun and engaging way? SAPinsider leveraged CredSpark’s outcome quiz engine to create an evaluation tool. With this, they achieved a


51% Lead Capture Rate