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Proven Success Stories
Gain new leads and qualify them.

See the case study the Princeton Review used CredSpark interactive content to entice new leads, engage them, qualify them, and generate more than $250,000 in sales in the process.

Develop data-rich advertising offerings.

See how Education Week leveraged CredSpark to develop data-rich advertising products for its sponsors, improving its pricing power along the way.

Drive more event engagement.

Discover how WATT Global Media tapped CredSpark’s personalization features to drive conference attendance and dramatically improve event engagement.

Get mass results with personalized content.

Learn how Reed Exhibitions leveraged CredSpark’s recommendations engine to personalize huge conferences for each individual attendee and drive hundreds of new registrations.

Develop custom research products.

Experience how Business Travel News ingeniously used CredSpark to create a custom research index that’s now a trusted standard across the business travel industry.

Leverage enhanced audience data.

Discover how eHealth combined CredSpark quiz engine with our promotion services to assess audience health insurance knowledge and generate media interest.

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